Less Talk, More Photos


Sam and I at the top of Yosemite Falls Trail in Yosemite Valley. At this point we were 3 miles in with 3,000 feet of vertical gain.     

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After driving for a good part of the day, we finally made it to the park... after going to the wrong entrance because I missed the turn. So we drove up to tunnel view so Sam could see that amazing view of the valley. 

After doing the basic drive around the valley, we hiked around the base of Yosemite Falls and enjoyed a good stout by the river. 

The beginning of the trail had more people then we anticipated, but it didn't stop us from having fun!

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Taking a break at one of the lower falls scenic lookouts. The sun was blazing and we didn't have any sunscreen, we started to get a little worried. 

Along the way we found some smaller waterfalls. 

Untitled photo

And some larger ones as well!

The higher we got, the more impressive the view became!

I tried shooting some more intimate landscapes on this trip.  It is not my normal style, but I was very pleased with some of the final shots. 

Maybe we're kind of slow hikers, but I like to think we just needed to stop and enjoy the view more then normal. 

There is ALWAYS time for trail snacks!

When Sam leaves her bag on the ground, I see it as an opportunity to practice double exposure images. 

We made it to the top! With less sunburn then expected. Win, Win!

I was pulling focus for our photo together and I couldn't help myself.  I had to take this. Sam was looking pretty thuggish in her over-sized vest!

The river right before it become Yosemite Falls!

Yeah! We made it to Yosemite Point! What a view!

Spent a little too much taking in the view... Have to get a move on it. We tried to shave off time by hiking through the snow. It was more entertaining then it was quick!

The big waterfalls get all of the fame. I liked this little fella!

Sometimes you just have to trick Samantha into modeling by the river.  Gotcha!

Kept finding those intimate landscapes that I was enjoying so much. 

Losing light and Sam leaving me in the dust!

Enjoying the last bit of light on the trail. Blue hour certainly does not get enough credit.

Practicing the intimate landscapes paid off.  When I found this scene I knew it would be one of my favorite shots from the trip.  I was right. Really happy with this one. 

Burned tree trunks and big walls make for a great photo opportunity!

The face you make when its raining, but you don't care because your warm and toasty in your jacket!

The Yosemite Valley NEVER disappoints!

It started raining so much that the park was evacuated due to flooding.  So we drove around like crazy to try and get photos before the rangers gave us the boot. Once again. Yosemite Valley NEVER disappoints!

What a great trip! Yosemite, we'll be back soon! Very soon!

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