Less Talk, More Photos

Bre and Ian's Wedding

We started off the trip with a long flight from Chicago, which turned into  a long car ride up to Gunnison, CO.  Sam wanted to see the old college stomping grounds. While we were there we couldn't miss the opportunity to enjoy some fall foliage. 

Naturally I couldn't just take pictures of nature, I also had to harass Sam with the camera.  Don't worry, she loves it!

As the sun set, the colors really started to pop out!

The next day we woke up early and made our way towards Telluride.  We planned on stopping at the Black Canyon National Park, but sometimes when the light is good, you just need to pull over and shoot.

The Black Canyon was amazing! Kinda disappointed that I didn't come here to shoot more in college.  But on that beautiful Friday it offered up amazing views.   

When Sam and I finally made it to Painted Wall, the sun was high in the sky but it still made for one spectacular view.

Yeah... it took us a while to get to Telluride. But with views like this along the way, you can't blame us for stopping a few times.

Sam made a friend!

We also had to take a few pictures. The backdrop was just too perfect!

After more car time we made it to our final destination. Surprise, surprise, we had to stop for more photos!

To our surprise, we arrived early in Telluride and had to wait to check into our rental. So after lunch we did a little shooting around town.

Friends arrived that evening and the next day we had the  pleasure of getting all spiffed up for the rehearsal dinner.

The man of the hour himself, Mr. Ian Fischer!

Untitled photo

More rehearsal dinner shenanigans. 

Time to head up to the top of the mountain. 

We made a quick stop at the house and I had to take the opportunity to hit Cassy with a Wheat Thin from the balcony. 

Going Up!

Apparently when your best friends see a camera they can't help themselves. They just have to ham it up.    

Yes. A few semi-serious photos where taken. 

And then, yes. Of course, more silly ones. 

I didn't take my camera to the wedding, but I can assure you it was a wonderful time. It was a great location with amazing people.  How could you go wrong? With the wedding in the morning we had the whole afternoon to explore. 

I swear the colors got better and better each day we were there. 

And naturally, we had to get more portraits while we were out shooting. 

And one last photo to end the evening and wrap up one heck of a trip!

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