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Euro Adventures Pt. 1

Paris, France

On our first full day in Paris we managed to get in about 10 miles of walking. Sam and I stopped outside of the Les Invalides to get our photo with the Eiffel Tower. 

It was a warm, humid day in Paris.  So the occasional stop in a church or other air conditioned building was welcome.  We spent a bit of time walking around inside Notre-Dame de Paris.

We walked past the last place that Jim Morrison was seen alive.

Sam and Kevin just being cool in Paris.

After a lot of walking we finally made it to Les Invalides, where Napoleon is buried.

Just exploring the Museum!

Obliviously, the next stop had to be the Effiel Tower...

Going up! All of had to pay the adult fee to get to the top of the tower. Except Kevin, who managed to convince the attendant that he was just a large child.

Views from the top!  Jay was even kind enough to buy us all champagnes at the top. At the time Sam was pregnant and no one else knew, so I got two champagnes! Thanks again Jay!

The tower at night is a spectacular sight to see!

We got a call from Saundra while hanging out at the base of the tower!

Sadly Jay had to return home to California early the next morning.  But that meant Tiger got to hang out with Sam, Kevin and I for the next two weeks!  Ask Tiger, he was one excited fella!

We decided to make Tiger's first day in Paris a museum day. To the Louvre we go! 

Tiger taking a much needed break.

Kevin also taking a break.

I have to admit it is pretty surreal seeing some of these works in person.

Kevin and Sam taking in some art...

Lunch break!


It's absolute chaos to try and get to close to the Mona Lisa, but when in Paris.

More exploring!

Kevin getting shooed out of the museum by security.

One last photo for Sam.

Time to go Kevin!

The Joan of Arc statue.

Kevin doing a photo shoot before our bottle of wine while in Paris. Off to Austria the next day.

"Yes, hello dispatch, this is Tiger"

Salzburg, Austria

On our first day in Salzburg we got to explore Mirabellgarten.  Sam decided it was the perfect time to sport the new paris sweatshirt she just picked up!

One of the locations from The Sound of Music!

This guy was really enjoying the gardens.

Exploring more of the city!

We took a moment by the river to relax.  I was able to set up and get this shot!

When dispatch says you're released for the day, it means it's time to find refreshments!

Tiger wanted to know what was up the hill.

Sam was really diggin the view!

Taking in the sights!

Well, lets keep going...

In the US, when you make it to the top of the mountain your treated to some amazing views.  When you hike in Austria and get to the top of the mountain, you get amazing views and a hidden cafe!

Kevin was really loving the Rosemary plant on the table.

Checking out more of the cafe.

Time to head back down into town.

Kevin wanted to know if we could fit this in the plane.

Sam and Kevin examining the menu for dinner.

We set off in a different direction the next day.

Kevin inspecting the water wheel. He approved.

Making our way up to the Festung Hohensalzburg fortress.

Views from the top were pretty amazing!

Back to the hotel for the evening. Eagle's nest in the morning!

So, this was a long trip. Apparently I have maxed out the length of a single page.  Please check out part 2 of my blog for the Eagle's Nest photos and Bratislava, Slovakia!

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