Less Talk, More Photos

Euro Trip Pt. 2

We couldn't have picked a more rainy and cloudy day to go to the Eagle's Nest.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Eagle's Nest, it is a WWII meeting place for Nazi officials and Adolf Hitler. Perched on top of Kehlstein mountain it offers some pretty amazing views, that we didn't get to see...

Kevin couldn't see with all the rain and had to keep swapping glasses.

We did our best to stay dry, but certainly weren't going to let the rain stop us!

After soaking up more rain then we would have liked, we made our way indoors.

Tiger taking a moment to take it all in.

I got this photo on our way out. There was a very long tunnel cut into the mountain that led to an elevator. The elevator would take you up to the top of the mountain.

On our way back to town.

Bratislava, Slovakia

We found a crepe place for breakfast. Sam was not upset at all.

Time to explore with the whole gang.

Kevin making sure that the menu was sufficient.

Tiger just enjoying a walk around the city.

Then he snuck up on Kevin during dinner.

Bratislava had some pretty awesome architecture.

More photos of Sam, Tiger and Kevin adventuring around town.

Budapest, Hungry

We found a pretty neat place for breakfast!

All fueled up and ready to check out the city.  First stop Budapesti Történeti Múzeum.

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