Less Talk, More Photos

Pipe Masters

Before heading to Pipe Masters on the North shore, Matt and Nick set out to find some waves of their own. 

We arrived to a packed beach, but managed to pick out a spot right in front of the break. 

Right as we arrived the 7th heat was about to start. Kelly Slater happened to be one of the surfers in that heat. Great timing!

Being able to see professional surfers riding waves that large, in person, is quite the experience. 

Matt found a poke stand and got himself a snack while the pro's did their thing. 

With the heat over, the riders headed in and got swamped by spectators on the beach. 

The judges decided that the riding conditions weren't good enough to continue the competition for the day, so we called it a day too. 

Acai bowls for the road!

We decided to check out a few more spots on the north shore for the next time we are on Oahu. 

Found out that Pacific Skydive is right on the north shore by Pipeline.  Hopefully next time I'm here I'll be getting some rides on the jump plane.

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